Thursday, March 8, 2007

web 2.0 ideas

Here are three web sites that I would like to see --

1. A virtual trade show in which each store has an instant messaging window (as in
2. An advertising campaign for... nothing. So much of advertising is designed to create dissatisfaction, consumer demand and overconsumption. Instead, let's have an on-line campaign in which people / creative agencies submit commercials and advertisements that are designed to make people happy with what they have.
3. A shoulder surfing website, in which you can go and passively watch OTHER people surf the web.

Please leave a comment if you know of any such sites...


Kenneth Lines said...

bblinx: Virtual Trade show you requested:

Now you can tour the trade show or convention before you go, and show it off to friends after the fact, as well as find that vendor that was selling the item you wish you had bought while you were there.

We're launching soon, so please tell your favorite conventions and trade shows about us!

(The chat is not integrated at this point because we would like to offer that as an additional package after a convention has signed a contract with us. We are currently watching several different chat mechanisms for which would be the best to integrate into the system, as well as the possibility for Avatars and multi-user functionality.)

JF said...

Thanks for the comment. The site seems to follow the convention center metaphor very closely.